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Maintenance Plan

A.N. Roth offers two maintenance plans geared to save you money. A maintenance plan makes sure that you have everything you need to stay comfortable year round.

Why buy a service agreement?

  • Reduce your fuel bills
  • Keep your system in top operating condition to prolong equipment life
  • Feel assured of safety
  • Receive a 15% discount
  • The cost of an annual service agreement is usually less than having a normal cleaning fee
  • Freedom from having to remember when to call for routine service!
  • Both Service Plans are performed by licensed, insured, and fully trained technicians.

Maintenance plans by A.N. Roth are carried out only by our licensed professionals, so that you can rest assured your system will run safely and efficiently.

Service Plans

PerformancePlusPerformancePlus Plan

The PerformancePlus Service Plan provides routine preventative maintenance for your heating and cooling equipment. At your request, we’ll custom design the most appropriate and economical blend of coverage for your home or office system: from periodic inspections and thorough cleanings and repairs, to full parts and labor coverage.

This Plan includes a comprehensive maintenance check of gas-heating systems and cooling systems, carried out by our licensed professionals. See the Heat Pump and Cooling System Checklist and the Gas Heating System Checklist we inspect and/or maintain.

For a detailed, no-obligation proposal, speak to one of our friendly staff members. Call 584-8503, email us, or talk to us through our help center.

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