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What is Home Performance?

Most contractors take a pretty narrow approach to selling you a new furnace or air conditioner: Note the size of the old unit and change it out for a new, moderately more efficient model. Done and done.

The A.N. Roth Home Performance approach, on the other hand, takes into consideration the “whole house” in all its complexity, and is based upon some key features:

  • Using sensitive diagnostic tools (infrared cameras to find weak spots, “blower doors” to determine a home’s air leakage, “flow hoods” to measure duct performance, and more) to pinpoint your home’s energy weak points.
  • Creating a customized path for you to improve the health, comfort and energy efficiency of your home based upon information from the home performance assessment and your budget.
  • Delivering quality-assured installations across a range of services: expertly engineered furnaces/heat pumps/AC units; insulation solutions for every part of the home; air sealing in critical locations; improvements to drafting appliances and ventilation to assure health and safety, and more.


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A.N. Roth has been working toward whole-house solutions for years, and is part of a growing group of industry-leading contractors across the country who understand that the home performance approach is the best way to ensure that our customers receive the long-term health, comfort, and energy efficiency that they deserve.


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