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Heating and Cooling Portfolio – Residential

At A.N. Roth, we have provided professional heating and cooling solutions for a large number of homes, large and small. We selected several customers that portray our range of capabilities.

If you think your house might be too small, we doubt it. If you think it would be too much of a challenge for us even after looking at these, check out some of the commercial settings we have provided solutions for. We can handle any size or shape house.

noah-clubclub-twinsThe Club House had two sets of twins for HVAC comfort.
A house in the Noah’s Ark Development and its furnace with a two-zone damper system
Stoll Mansion
The Stoll Mansion had no ductwork or A/C. It required five systems to maintain original ceiling heights and architecture.
Cherokee Park House
This Cherokee Park home was on a boiler system with no ductwork or A/C.

We eliminated the radiators and installed ductwork to create a forced air system with for the A/C. For heat, we reused the boiler by installing hot water coils in the duct system.

Cherokee Park House
The Cherokee Park home at left had no ductwork or A/C. A.N. Roth installed four systems, creating four areas of comfort control.
This Red Fox Rd. home was converted from hot water to forced air A/C and heat with six systems.

Large Homes Have Special Needs

This 7,500 SF Elmcroft Estates home has two twinned central A/C and heating systems with a total of 12 tons of capacity and 17 zone controlled areas.